"It is because in Asian countries, poverty is the main pain that I created the humanitarian association France Himalaya Tiers-monde. This is because in Europe the main pain comes from a spiritual deficiency and a loss of human values such as altruism, love and compassion, I founded the Centers Drikung Kagyu Rinchen Pal " Venerable Drubpon Rinpoche Tharchin

Native of Ladakh, Venerable Rinpoche Tharchin helps the most disadvantaged populations of the Himalaya s: Ladakh, Tibet, India and Nepal. As the founder of the association, he knows the situation in those countries. And concrete and direct measurements are incurred. This is assured by the Venerable with active members who go there several times a year.

The main tasks of France Himalaya Tiers-monde :
- Give an education to children of poor families, illiterate isolated villages. The school are not free in India, only families with incomes can access it,
- Improving the lives of families living in villages without electricity or running water
- Relocating families too cramped or unsafe situation
- Building schools in remote villages and deprived of everything,
- Provide food, hygiene products, sunglasses, clothing to needy families
- Helping the elderly and isolated to meet their needs,
- Helping to function monasteries
- Helping Tibetan exiles in need and save their valuable culture.

Help in Ladakh :
Ladakh is located between 3,500 meters and 5,500 meters. The villagers have no income, they
are farmers and it's so difficult because Ladakh region is very dry and cold. Most villages have no electricity or running water. President of the association is from Ladakh and this facilitates communication with the natives who seek help more easily. Much of the Ladakhi people are illiterate because generations have not had access to education for lack of schools.

We help many villages : Leh, Lamayuru, Choglamsar, Wanla, Skindiang, Timogum, Khaltsi, Sabu, Tar,Kalzangling, Spituk, Stok, Phyiang, Thakmachik, Skurbuchen, Ledoo, Likir.. Elle intervient également en Inde en Himachal Pradesh, Delhi et au Népal. In 2015, we'll go in Tibet to help them !

Assistance to Tibetan exiles in all over the world :
The association assist Tibetan exiles being located
in India, Ladakh, Nepal and wherever necessary. :


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