Venerable Drubpon Konchog Tharchin Rimpoche, President of the association France Himalaya Tiers-monde, at the request of the local population of Mandoglu (North India), began the construction of a tibetan school and monastery called Drikung Kagyu Thekchok Otsal Ling. The aim is to educate childrem from poor families and to preserve the tibetan culture, to accomadate monks and lamas.

Vidéo of 2012 Vidéo of 2013

Funds are still needed to advance the project. You can participate in the construction project rich of sense by showing your support for the Temple of Bliss with a donation. No donation is insignificant, because each amount paid contributes to the success of this great adventure.

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Les photos de l'inauguration en avril 2014.


The Centre welcomes people from any country wishing to study Buddhist philosophy, there is an international library and pension.


Mandoglu is a small village located in the district of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. 40 km from Tsomadma (Rewalsar), 150 km from Daramsala. Project managers
Ven. Drubpon Tharchin Rimpoche, - Wangyal Tsering, Architect - Ajay, Lama Konchok Rigdzin, , Lama Seunam, and Lama Tsultrim. To contact the monastery

"This monastery is my offering to the world ... By this temple, thousands, millions of people could reach enlightenment ! They could pray, meditate and study the precious Dharma !" Ven. Drubpon Tharchin Rinpoche

Here, in Leh, capital of Ladakh, there is a small monastery , no more than 12m2 ... the smallest ever seen!

The most surprising is that over 500 Buddhist families share this place of worship built on a rock overlooking a beautiful valley of Leh.

Is it decent to let these families pray and meditate in such a small space?

Venerable Drupon Tharchin Rinpoche, spiritual director of the Drikung Kagyu centers, and a native of this country, do not accept it! Therefore, he  granted the request of the local association to build a larger monastery. This will be the temple Urgyen Dorje Choling.

It will be dedicated to Padmasambhava, the second Buddha. His statue 4m high will be erected in the center.

For all Buddhist, Guru Rinpochen Padmasambhava kindly called by Tibetan represents compassion, love, wisdom, power, skill ... it is highly revered in all Himalayan regions. Its benefits are immense, it protects all of ignorance and pray, dismisses all the obscure obstacles created in this world.

I got involved in this project because Guru Rinpoche is immeasurable force and that its representation is the expression of all its qualities.

For this project we need you! Make an offering for the construction of a statue of a Buddha is of great benefit.

Each donor will have his name sealed inside the statue. Dedicate this offering to happiness and enlightenment of all beings .. in favor of peace and happiness in the world.

This statue will be visible inside the new monastery in Leh, capital of Ladakh, himalayan beautiful region.

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